Photoshop CS4 Tutorial Reveals The Software's Top Features

Photoshop has once again done it! In its continuous efforts to maintain its position as the world leading photo editing software, Photoshop CS4 has a lot to offer for both amateur and professional photographers. Some of the most impressive features of the CS4 are listed in the tutorial below.

The new Photoshop CS4 now provides smooth zooming and panning capabilities. Earlier, pressing the zoom button would immediately pop up the zoomed part. The zoom button now allows the user to slowly move to the desired part and the new Pixel Grid allows the user to go to each pixel and edit it while maintain clarity. The software also comes with a Rotate View tool that again turns the canvas smoothly for viewing the picture at any angle.

Photoshop CS4 just got more user-friendly with the Adjustments panel. Commonly used color and tone correction tools such as Curves, Exposure, Levels, Hue and Saturation are located in one Adjustment Panel. Moreover, any adjustments made to the image reside in the Layers Panel thus providing the user a non-destructive way of editing or Levels are all. In fact, it is assumed that with this new adjustments panel, over 90% of mouse movements that is needed for non-destructive image editing can be eliminated.

To create and enhance both vector based and pixel based masks or adjust the feathering or density of the masks, Photoshop CS4 has provided its users with a handy Mask panel for more powerful editing.

The most impressive feature of Photoshop CS4 is the Content Aware Scaling or Resizing. It allows the user to change the dimensions of a picture while preserving the vital parts of the picture as it is - especially useful for scenic and landscape backgrounds.

The Auto-blend layers feature in Photoshop CS4 provides the user the capability to produce one single image from several images having differing focal points and color while also eliminating distortion of lens.

Color correction tools also have been enhanced with an improved version of the Dodge, Sponge and Burn tools.

Photoshop CS4 has made great leaps with 3D. This version of the photo-editing software allows users to convert two dimensional images into 3D images. The software also provides users the capability to export their creation into some of the popularly used 3D formats.

Adding one more feather to its user-friendliness, Photoshop CS4 has now come up with SWF panels to help its users create their very own panel. All one has to do is to run the configurator program and drag and drop the tools and commands he or she frequently uses while using the software. Once this is done, the user has to export it the Panels folder in Photoshop for quick access.

The software also allows more enhanced raw image processing along with Adobe’s Camera Raw 5 plug-in. In combination with the plug-in, the software provides enhanced capabilities for local corrections and editing, application of vignettes post-crop, processing of TIFF and JPEG formats and support for over 190 camera models. The software also has built in Color Universal Design Organization profiles for the color-blind.

This is just one of many Photoshop CS4 Tutorials that will help you to master Adobe Photoshop CS4 in round about 2 hours learning time...

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